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We believe the best career opportunities aren’t found in classified ads – they’re built in a community where people learn, interact, and exchange ideas. TalentSpace is built on this belief: community-organized recruiting experiences (in the real world, with real humans), where you can gain skill-building insights directly from innovative companies. It’s a powerful way to acquire skills, find a new job and make new friends.


Learn about companies by interacting with the people doing the work. Participate in workshops hosted by companies to experience their working culture first-hand.

Get Hired

Be it through curated networking, on-site interviews and pre-scheduled engagements, we'll do everything to get you ahead. While you might come with a good time in mind, you may leave with multiple job offers.

Our Experiences

There are 3 types of TalentSpace experiences.
Talent Summit

2-3 day conferences that include in-company workshops, high-profile speakers, networking and great parties.

Talent Day

A day packed with workshops and networking activites that connect you with global leaders and local players.

Talent Night

Inspirational evenings, where you'll hear  speeches and have plenty of opportunities to network.

What our experiences feel like

I got offered the position as an Operations Manager at Uber in London - just six weeks after attending the Berlin Talent Summit.

Max R.
Operations Manager at Uber

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